We would like to show our LED light therapy machine’s software, to help you understand well what treatments we can do with our LED therapy.

You will see we set up two modes in software, Easy Mode, and Professional Mode, in easy mode, you can choose the treatment like: Teeth WhiteningFacial treatment and Body treatment..

In facial treatment, we can do wrinkles removal, Hydration, facial firming, acne removal, Spots removal, Anti-Allergy.

In Body treatment, we can do body firming, body contouring;

Easy Mode: All Parameters of each treatment that we settle in backstage, which they are combined with clinical data , operaters just choose any treatments that clients need, this is easy mode.. very easy for you to operate.

Professional Mode: Operator can choose different wavelength light according to clients need, for example Red, Yellow, Green.. also we can have optional wavelength like Blue, and NIR..

If you want to know what treatments can be done with different wavelength lights, please feel free to contact us…