800W Diode Laser, Medical hair removal beauty machine HF-502D

One handle has 3 wavelength  (750nm + 1064nm +810nm):

The 750nm laser is very useful for white skin and fine , light color hair;

The 1064nm laser is very useful for the black skin hair removal ;

The 810nm laser is for normal hair removal;

Multi-selective head-piece : different wavelength for different skin types and treatment areas .

Intelligent menu : auto-recognize different laser power hand -pieces ,different hand -pieces plug and play .

Multi-aspect self-protection system : can work continuous for 24 hours *365 days.

New high power and high efficiency laser : Faster hair removal and feel more comfortable .

Efficient heat dissipation and good thermal stability : guarantee the hand – piece works continually ,and improve it’s life.

The internal structure is modular design : easily for testing ,repairing and maintaining.