1.If the skin with lesions is suitable for laser resurfacing?

For the clients with ptosis of face and eyelids, are better to choose surgery (such as face lift and blepharoplasty).

For the wrinkle around the mouth and eyes, are better to choose laser.

For the wrinkle which is caused by muscle movement (such as wrinkles of glabella,forehead and nasolabial sulcus) also can choose laser to remove,

but it is just temporary.

For the acne scars would be better to choose laser to remove.

2.How to distinguish the skin type?

The white skin(light-color skin, Fitzpatrick divided it into typeⅠand typeⅡ) is more suitable for laser resurfacing, but the dark skin is also suitable

For the clients with deep color skin has a tendency of causing pigmentation, if the operator is not so professional when operate the laser.

3.Whether the client is really wanted to take the treatment?

The operator should inform the clients both sides of the treatment. The laser treatment can improve the skin texture, but the treatment can’t give the

client very smoothly and beautiful skin.

In order to make the clients know more clearly about the treatment, the operator would better show them the before & after treatment pictures from

previous clients. The operator should make the clients know that this laser treatment is just for improving the skin surface, rather than permanently

remove the pigment or shrink the big pore skin.

The reason why we should tell the clients the real side is many clients think wrongly that they don’t need make-up any more after treatment.

4.Whether the patient took retinoic acid drugs recently?

It is reported that the clients who took this drug about two years may appear scar after the laser treatment.

If that kind of clients want to take this treatment, the operator should be better to suggest them to wait a few more days.

But the laser treatment can be done before such client took the retinoic acid drug.

5.What’s kind of the client’s life ?whether the laser treatment will affect their normal life?

It seems very difficult for those patients, who have to work outdoors and need time to arrange outdoor activities (take part in recreational activities or

drive to work), to avoid sunlight about 2 or 3 months. In order to make that kind of clients to take the laser treatment more security, the operator can

inform them to pay more attention to block the sunshine and suggest them to wear anti-sunshine glasses, hats or umbrella.

If a patient is considered that he or she is suitable for the CO2 laser grinding treatment, the medical personnel should thoroughly tell them about the

treatment methods, operation time, anesthesia and postoperative protection, etc. You should also show them the before & after pictures of other

similar cases or teaching videotapes, which are very helpful, to a great extent, it can reduce their worrying.