Does IPL photorejuvenation cause skin thinning?

In Laser treatment, it is often heard that patients have concerns about IPL photorejuvenation treatment, and the biggest concern is whether IPL photorejuvenation will cause skin thinning. So does photon skin rejuvenation treatment really cause skin thinning?

IPL Photorejuvenation actually uses the principle of selective heat action of light. By choosing different wavelengths, it selectively acts on the superficial pigments and blood vessels of the skin to achieve the purpose of treatment. During the treatment process, the color base (such as melanin, hemoglobin) strongly absorbs light energy, and the normal epidermis absorbs a small amount of light energy. It is slightly heated, and the epidermis is not peeled off. The right light and heat activates the skin repair, regeneration mechanism, and thickens the epidermis. At the same time, the longer-wavelength light penetrates into the dermis, heats the dermis, promotes the proliferation of collagen, and thickens the dermis.

Now the problem is clear: instead of thinning the skin, IPL photorejuvenation will thicken the skin and enhance skin elasticity and resistance.