In addition to burn scars and trauma scars, ultra-pulse Co2 fractional laser has also achieved very good results in the treatment of hyperplastic scars and acne scars, helping a large number of patients around the world find their beauty and confidence.

So what is a fractional laser?
Fractional laser is a kind of technology. The real meaning of fractional laser is that it emits countless laser beams arranged in a matrix on the skin, which can penetrate directly to the dermis and vaporize the tissues at the wrinkles or scars in an instant. It also sends out a strong signal to synthesize collagen, which in turn initiates tissue repair, and collagen rearranges a series of skin reactions.

Normal skin is retained between the holes. Through the “bridge”, the lateral repair mechanism is activated to accelerate skin recovery. The epidermis will heal completely within 8 hours, and the skin will return to its normal appearance within 3-6 days, while the internal collagen regeneration can be prolonged. Up to 6 months, even 6 years. This technical theory was first proposed by Dr. Rox Anderson, the founder of laser theory in the Wellman Laboratory of Harvard University, and was later applied to the clinic. It is widely welcomed by the majority of patients because it increases the curative effect without increasing the healing time.

What is a real fractional Laser?

Only the dot matrix technology with optional spot diameter, optional treatment depth, optional density and optional treatment energy is the real dot matrix. Only fractional lasers that meet such conditions can meet the needs of patients for personalized treatment.