Notice when you treat black and blue pigmentations with Q-switched Nd yag laser at 1064nm

1.What you should do before treatment:

First, Know that whether the patient is the constitution of scar:Previously, whether you washed eyebrow or tattoos with other way? Observe whether the scar has existed? Account for patient that it is possible to remain marks of pigmentations after removing imprinted color, which the pigmentations you previously tattooed is caused by sun-baking; as well as account for patient that the tattooed material is possible complex color, when removing blue and black colors, it is likely to remain coffee or red color material, you can have a treatment with blue light after interval two months.

Account for patient that it is possible to appear things as follows in operation and after operation. Meantime, avoid the unnecessary dissension with patients for the reasons that patients have a little understanding for the operation as well as recovering course after operation in the treatment course.

Before purifying eyebrow, it’s better to shave the eyebrow in order to observe it well in operation.

2.Occurrence in operation:

When treat the deep tissue, it will produce stronger pigment explosion together with stronger noise because black pigment is intensely absorbed by laser power:  the structure of human body can appear turgidity owing to the smashed pigment; but the shallower pigment will explode out from scarfskin and form the seeping blood spot.

After the first treatment with laser, the tissue color will turn shallower, but after a period of time( ten minutes or several ten minutes), the tattooed color will partly restore, which is also the normal feedback Meantime, the gulping function and transport function of huge cell will last rather long time(two-three weeks), during this period, the tattooed color of tissue will gradually turn shallow, advise that the second treatment should be going after the first treatment( it is about two-three months late).

3.Possible phenomena after operation:

Hair will fade color and fall off possibly, but about four weeks new hair will grow again even stronger and closer than ever,but all the symptom will gradually recover normality.

The treatment part will occur blood seeping and turgidity, but its degree is decided by different people.

After detumescence, the treatment part you will feel itchiness as well as be

able to touch a hard tissue, to all which are belong normal feedback, and the

bad reflection will disappear after two weeks or one month.

4.Doctor’s advice after operation

It is forbidden to do infectious action, including drawing eyebrow and washing eyebrow with water from three to seven days, and guarding against sun-baking. For the patients who bleed more and swell seriously can take antibiotic medicine according to doctor’s advice.