Notice when you treat brown & red pigmentations with Q-switched Nd yag laserat 532nm

Laser at 532nm is called blue laser, which has a big difference to biologic tissue compared with laser at 1064nm.

The hemoglobin in human body and the tattooed brown as well as red pigmentations by man-made have a certain absorption to laser at 532nm, so after being sun-baked by laser, the scarfskin tissue is possible to appear epidermis boiloff, and the capillary vessel tissue below scarfskin which absorbed laser at 532nm would occur to outburst and produce gore, the symptom is called “zidian sickness”. The brown and red pigmentations absorbing laser at 532nm will blow up, spring out from body or be smashed by laser so that pigmentations are metabolized and discharged by huge swallowed cell.

The possible side effect when remove brown and red pigmentations with laser at 532nm:

1.The surface of skin boils away and blanches, and scarfskin is also putrefied. The over-pigments possibly fade away or pigmentations become darkness.

2.The treatment part will produce redness and turgescence, if excessively damaged it will lead to scab and the recovering time is about from twenty to sixty days according to different human figure.

When remove brown& red pigmentations with laser at 532nm, you should use the small energy densities (also big spot size) to have a near treatment, while the deeper pigmentated layer you should treat many times but each treatment interval is less than two months.

Before treatment, you should explain to patient the possible side effect and the possible iron hydronium which is contained in individual pigment can transform into iron oxide after absorbing laser so as to blacken and aggravate the tattooed color as well as lead to treatment failure.

After treatment, the patient should keep away from water and shouldn’t touch the treatment part in case of infection, meantime, should avoid sun-baking so as not to arouse pigmentationed darkness.

Human’s eyes are very sensitive to laser at 532 which can make eyes lead to eye-twinkle or permanent blindness. So the operator must wear the laser protective glasses as well as keep the patient’s eyes safe when treating. And the other irrelevant people must be off the treatment room.

【notice】: The color material which contains iron hydronium can not be washed.

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