810nm diode hair removal system uses the classical technology of diode laser hair removal. The wavelength of the 810nm laser has enough penetration depth to the hair follicle, and effectively be absorbed by melanin. Nearly 15 years of clinical test and verify, it is known as the golden standard of the laser hair removal. Its unique long pulse width of 810nm can penetrate epidermal layer to the hair follicles. According to the selective light absorption theory, making Use of melanin cell absorb light of specific wavelength, hair follicle produce heat, thus it is destroyed selectively, to avoid the surrounding tissue damaging and get hair removal at the same time. In the process of treatment, the unique sapphire dynamic cooling technology in system make cuticle anesthesia in a short time, then prevent skin from burning, and achieve painless, fast, and permanent hair removal effect.

It also can used for skin rejuvenation , shrink pores ,wrinkle removal , pigment treatment , vascular lesion removal .

HuafeiMedical Diode hair removal system in fast mode launch 10 laser pulses per second, thus treatment process can slip quickly, and make target organization heated effectively, to damage hair follicles, it is comfortable and fast, safe and convenient. The treatment therapy principle is the light selective absorption and photochemical reaction. The light exposure to the skin surface directly, it has a result of removing hair ,acne ,rejuvenate the skin.

800W Diode Laser Hair removal