Project Description

Hydra Facial Skin Cleaning and Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine


Hydra Facial Beauty Machine DT-505V (2)

Hydra facial skin care machine is the “skin cleaning – skin care” function combined with a comprehensive beauty machine.It is a professional hydra facial machine. Non-invasive skin tightening, Hydra facial machine is a multifunctional machine and hydra facial cleaner that uses a variety of sterile small bubbles, revival-oxygen ,RF and ultrasound therapy 4 kinds of techniques to treat a variety of skin problems, including acne,blackheads,skin aging,dehydration, sensitive skin and fine lines, etc. Noninvasive non-surgical: non-invasive skin tightening, no hurt ,safe and effective. Suitable to wider population, all types of skin surgery can be used safely before surgery.

This is the medical care treatment which done with concentrated special solutions and make the cleansing,moisturizing and antioxidant protection safely to the damaged tissue like stained, acne and the skin that has lost its elasticity. It provides excellent results. Thanks to the high content of these medical cosmetic solutions. It is permanent, painless and fast application. Skin cleans with a special vacuum system. During this vacuum cleaning, the solution is sent at the same time with solutions containing active substances in liquid form. After this professional microdermabrasion, the high anti aging peptide and antioxidant serums absorbed to the skin. OxyHydra technology uses 3 different concentrated serums and a special cleanser.

Treatment Range

  •  Aqua cleansing hand-piece–deep cleansing for skin and removing the mites.
  • Revival & oxygen hand piece–deep cleansing, eliminate the aging of keratinocytes, remove the sebum, grease residue, as the same time put the skin into the oxygen and remove the yellow skin.
  • RF hand-piece–to remove fine lines, and skin tightening all round.
  • Ultrasound import hand-piece–put the skin into the nutrients, and provide lasting nutrition, to make the skin moist and delicate shiny.


Screen 10.4 inch touch screen
Hand-piece quantity 4PCS
Hand-piece type Aqua cleaning hand-piece
Revival & oxygen hand-piece
Rf hand-piece
Ultrasound import hand-piece
Hand connection quick connection
Aqua cleaning hand-piece Procrastination super size

Big (19mm*15mm)

Small (15mm*905mm)

Vacuum pressure 25Kpa-90Kpa
Revival & oxygen hand-piece Vibration massage tip, oxygen powered tip (Optional)
Diameter 28mm
RF hand-piece RF Energy: 10-100

Frequency: 1MHz

Max Power: 10W

Peak Energy: 200+20V

Ultrasound import hand-piece Ultrasound: 10-100

Frequency: 1MHz

Max Power: 10W

Input power: 100W (Max)

Output power: 90W(Max)



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