Skin rejuvenation treatment parameter of E-Light (Just reference)
560nm-200nm Parameter setting:

Freckle and other speckle on epidermis :
Pulse 1:2.8——3.2MS, Pulse:3.0——3.8MS, Pulse delay: Start from 40MS

Vascular lesions on epidermis:
Pulse 1:2.6——3.0MS, Pulse 2:3.6——4.0MS ,Pulse:Star from 40MS

Pulse1:2.8——3.6MS, Pulse2:3.2——4.0MS, Pulse :Start from 40MS

Big bore:
Pulse 1:2.8——3.2MS, Pulse 2:3.2——4.0MS,Pulse 3:3.6——4.6MS
Pulse delay 1:40——50MS, Pulse delay 2:45——55MS ,

Pulse 1:2.8——3.0MS, Pulse 2:3.6——4.6MS, Pulse 3:3.8——4.8MS
Pulse delay 1:30——40MS, Pulse delay 2:40——60MS,

Health care treatment:
Pulse 1:3.0——3.6MS, Pulse 2:3.8——4.6MS, Pulse 3:3.8——4.8MS
Pulse delay 1:40——60MS, Pulse delay 2:40——60MS,

Hair removal parameter settings(Just reference)
695nm-1200nm Parameter setting:

Shallow skin(hair upper lip,facial hair except beard and head hair):
Pulse number:3pcs, Pulse width:3.2MS, Pulse delay:40MS,

Moderate deep hair(beard, head hair, arm hair and bosom hair):
Pulse number:3pcs, Pulse width:3.6MS, Pulse delay:40MS,

Heavier hair(armpit hair, leg hair, bikini line):
Pulse number:3pcs, Pulse width:3.8MS, Pulse delay:40MS,

Adjustment principle for pulse delay:

Much whiter hair:30——50MS
Moderate hair:50——80MS
Much darker hair:80——120MS


Pulse output Diagram Huafeimedical IPL elight hair removal

IPL Beauty Machine for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal