Project Description

Skin rejuvenation beauty machine,
Removal wrinkles machine, Super Hair Removal equipment


DT-501P OPT SHR Fast Hair Removal

HF-501P is a new skin treatment model, especially developed for the hair removal–” Euipdistant continuous multi-pulse technology”, This technology shortens the treatment time of laser OPT hair removal treatment , and it’s 5-8 times faster than the normal E-light.

OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) Core Technology, uses the concept of three-dimensional technology : energy + pulse width + pulse waveform.

Once OPT treatment equivalent to 2-3 times the traditional technical treatment.

This equipment can be used for skin whitening, shrink pores, removal wrinkles ,skin rejuvenation and hair removal, pigment changes or for dark spots and vascular changes.


  • Core Technology:Energy+Pulse width+Pulse Waveform
  • One time OPT treatment =2-3 times traditional treatment
  • Non invasive,painless,no downtime

Treatment Range

  • Freckle: remove or dilute the face all kinds of stains, such as freckles, Japan sunburn, age spots, coffee spots and all kinds of pigmentation
  • Rejuvenation: White remove yellow, shrink pores and improve skin roughness, increased skin elasticity, smooth fine lines, acne scars elimination
  • Red blood: eliminate facial redness, redness, rosacea
  • Fast Hair Removal: Effective removal of unwanted hair in different parts of the body, such as armpit hair, beard, lips, hair, bikini lines, body
  • Acne: acne type acne, allergic acne, acne scar type

Treatment Before & After

Three Mode

Normal Mode Energy density Pulse width
10-30 J/cm² 1-9.9 ms
Professional Mode Energy density Pulse width Pulse interval
10-30 J/cm² 1-9.9 ms 5-95 ms
SHR / OPT Mode Energy level Frequency
1-10 1-10 HZ

Technical Specifications

Laser Type Intense Pulse Light
Laser Wavelength 430nm / 510nm / 560nm / 640nm /

690nm (530nm / 580nm / 750nm Optional)

Spot Size 10*45 nm
Screen Display 8 inch color touch screen
Cooling System Air Cooling + Water Cooling + Diode Cooling
Input Power 1500 W (AC220V / 7A,AC110V / 14A


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