Project Description

800W Diode Laser, Medical hair removal beauty machine


DT-502D 800W Diode Laser Hair Removal

The Professional Diode laser features is longer wavelength and thus able to provide better results among dark-skinned people.

During the treatment, the system uses unique sapphire touch cooling technology 0℃-5℃, which further increases treatment pain free hair removal , more comfort and safe, large areas of the body tend to recover faster,epidermis will not be burned, to achieve painless, fast and best permanent hair removal results for big area treatment.

How Diode Laser works

One handle has 3 wavelength  (750nm + 1064nm +810nm):

The 750nm laser is very useful for white skin and fine , light color hair;

The 1064nm laser is very useful for the black skin hair removal ;

The 810nm laser is for normal hair removal;

Fast Hair removal mode


Multi-selective head-piece : different wavelength for different skin types and treatment areas .

Intelligent menu : auto-recognize different laser power hand -pieces ,different hand -pieces plug and play .

Multi-aspect self-protection system : can work continuous for 24 hours *365 days.

New high power and high efficiency laser : Faster hair removal and feel more comfortable .

Efficient heat dissipation and good thermal stability : guarantee the hand – piece works continually ,and improve it’s life.

The internal structure is modular design : easily for testing ,repairing and maintaining.

800W Diode Laser Hair Removal treatment effect

Technical Specifications

Laser Type Wavelength Power Spot Size
Diode Laser 810nm ( Standard )


800W 10*20mm
Control mode 15 inch color touch screen.
Cooling Method Wind + Water + Diode Cooling System.
Cooling Sapphire Contact Cooling.
Input Power 2200W  (AC220V/10A, AV110/20A)
Fast mode: Energy density Repetition rate Treatment mode
5-10 J/cm² 10 HZ Hair Texture (Dense,Crude, Fine)
Standard mode: Energy density: Repetition rate Pulse width
5-100 J/cm² 1-10 HZ 30-300 ms