Project Description

500W best diode laser hair removal beauty machine


DT-108B 500W Diode Laser Hair Removal01

Freezing point laser waxing system is using it‘s unique long pulse with 810nm laser, according to the principle of selective light absorption to penetrate the epidermis to reach the hair follicle; During the treatment,laser therapy for hair removal uses unique sapphire touch cooling technology 0℃-5℃, which further increases treatment comfort and safe, epidermis will not be burned. fast repetition rate up to 10HZ (10 pulses-per second) with in -motion treatment, to achieve free of pain hair removal, fast and permanent diode epilation for big area treatment. Bigger bulb ever, more stable frequency give you the optimal result.


The Diode Laser hair removal results is very effective for darker skin. It has fast repetition rates and covers large areas and allows for fast treatment of larger body areas.

Laser directly docks with hair follicle:
This laser hair removal method can penetrate the epidermis and enter the dermis, completely shrink the hair follicles and hair shafts, and achieve permanent hair removal. The other area , which directly surrounds the hair follicle, does not contain melanin particles, so it will not absorb this laser, cause harm, and be safer and more thorough.

Significant treatment effect:
The freezing point best diode hair removal uses the classic diode hair removal laser hair removal technology, whose wavelength is 810nm and can penetrate the deep layer of the dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue. After years of clinical verification, it is called the gold standard for hair removal lasers.

Diode Laser Hair Removal Treatment effect

Technical Specifications

Laser Type Output Power Wavelength Spots Size
Diode Laser 500W 810 nm 12*10 mm
Cooling Method Air + Water + Diode Cooling System
Two Model
Fast Model Actual Output Energy Density Repetition Rate Pulse Width
5-10 J/cm² 10 HZ 40 ms
Standard Model Actual Output Energy Density Repetition Rate Pulse Width
5-100 J/cm² 1-10 HZ 50-300 ms