Project Description

350W Portable Diode Laser ,Hair Removal Beauty machine


Portable Diode laser Hair removal

The laser waxing is a de-focused laser, normally using the wavelength of 810 nm for female and male laser hair removal.

According to the principle of selective light absorption; the use of hair follicles in the melanocytes in a specific band of light absorption of hair follicles to produce heat, Then selectively damage the hair follicles.

In the process of treatment, the system unique sapphire touch colling technology, so as to ensure that the epidermis will not be burned, will free of pain and fast. Finally to achieve best professional permanent hair removal effect.

Different lasers for hair removal

350W diode laser hair removal

From the chart ,we see the 810nm wavelength can absorb the melanin very good, minimize the hemoglobin and water ’s absorption to laser .


  • Sapphire touch cooling, 0℃ to 5℃ treatment temperature further increase comfort and safe.
  • Fast repetition rate up to 10 HZ (10 Pulse – per – second) with in-motion treatment, fast hair removal for big area treatment.
  • Portable smart body design offers simple and convenient transportation.

Treatment Before & After

Technology Specifications

Laser Type Output Power Wavelength Spot Size
Diode Laser 350W 810 nm 9*11mm
Screen Size 8 inch LCD touch screen.
Cooling Method Air + Water + Diode Cooling System
Input Power 660W (AC 220V/3A, AC110V/6A)

Two Model

Fast Model Actual Output Energy Density Repetition Rate Pulse Width
5-10 J/cm² 10 HZ 40 ms
Treatment Cooling Sapphire Contact Cooling
Normal Model Actual Output Energy Density Repetition Rate Pulse Width
5-76 J/cm² 1-10 HZ 50-300 ms
Net Weight 12 KG
Size 49.8cm × 33.8cm × 25.4cm