Project Description

RF Beauty Machine, Lifting beauty machine,
Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment


Cavitation and RF Super Magic 1.2

June 2013,Huafei company launched the most advanced RF System in China market..

Super Magic uses Radio Frequency Skin Tightening technology to target the loose and wrinkled skin, the tip transmits high-frequency radio waves to the deep skin, and cools the skin surface while achieving firming and shaping effects.

Deep dermal heating technology of Monopolar RF can stimulate and tighten existing collagen and form new collagen. After a period of time, smooth and lift skin will replace sagging or wrinkled skin and will show a youthful appearance.


Noninvasive, Curative effect lasting .

Targeted treatment for sagging skin.

By specially designed mono-polar RF at 6.78 MHz frequency and Dynamic gas cooling.

Visible result after one treatment, Long-lasting.

Little to no downtime.

Treatment Range

  • Tighten flabby skin, dispel true and false wrinkles, repair stretch marks.
  • Systemic anti-aging (neck, back’s tightening and modification, chest shape adjustment, shaping waits circumference , buttocks, legs)
  • Suitable for various wrinkles, such as deep wrinkles,folds, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, lip wrinkles, frown lines wrinkles,etc.

Treatment Before & After

Technical Specifications

Normal mode / Continuum Mode
Frequency Power Energy Level Cooling System
6.78 MHZ 400 W (max) 1-30 (Adjustment) Dynamic Cooling
Head-piece Area 3 cm (Facial Treatment) ; 1.5 cm (Eyes treatment)


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