Project Description

Vacuum Slimming Skin Tightening and Slimming Weight Loss Machine


Vacuum Slimming Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Weight Loss Machine DT-S9A

HuafeiMedical Slimming beauty machines are adopt non-invasive technology that does not require cutting or injection, and does not require anesthesia to lose weight. Using vacuum, cryolipolysis and ultrasonic dissolution technology to selectively act on fat cells, such as abdominal fat, fat on both sides, flanks on both sides of waist, back,etc. leading to apoptosis without causing damage. In the skin or surrounding tissues, apoptotic cells will be metabolized and dissipated from the lymphatic system, thereby achieving the purpose of weight loss, body shaping and tightening.


  • Non-invasive body slimming
    Optimum touches though multi-angle operation: using electrode vertically & crossly
  • Mechanical operation
    Massage: Strengthen the RF & heating penetration depth, effectively arrived the fatty layer.
  • Thermal effect
    Bipolar RF-intensively heating fat cells layer, effectively removing stretch marks. IR-Adjusting skin elasticity, guiding the RF energy to the connective tissue deeply.
  • Multi-mode hand- piece
    Big hand-piece: Treat in big area, such as belly, waist, thighs,hips etc.
    Small hand-piece: Treat i small area, such as arms neck, belly, facial and thin fat area etc.

Treatment Range

  • Shape the body.
  • Cellulite reduction.
  • Body shaping by reducing cellulite.
  • Reduce measure after fat dissolving.
  • Pretreatment by measure-reduction.
  • Eliminate the stretch marks.
RF Cavitation Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Machine DT-904A treatment range

Technical Specifications

Screen of machine 10 inch TFE color touch screen
Screen of vacuum hand- piece Big hand-piece: 2.4 inch

Small hand-piece:1.9 inch

Operation Mode Pulse mode
Vacuum Pressure 80 KPA-10 KPA (absolute value)
Roller Speed 12-33 RPM
Roller Working Mode 4 types
1) Roll in: roll in mode (two-wheels of the big handle roll toward inside)
2) Roll out: roll out mode (two-wheels of the big handle roll toward outside)
3) Roll up: roll up mode (the two wheels of the big handle roll up or down in different speed).
4) Normal: normal mode (the two wheels of the big handle roll up or down in different speed)
RF Frequency 1 MHz
RF Energy Density The Maximum 60J/cm3
The Near-infrared Laser Wavelength 650 NM
The Near-infrared Laser Power 20 W (Max)
Hand-Piece Quantity 4 PCS
Rated Voltage AC 220V(+/-10%)50HZ


Rated Power 1500W
Rated Current 6.8A
Working Ambient Temperature 0-30℃
Storage Temperature 0-40℃
Relative Humidity ≤80%


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